Why Orrderly Is the Best Free Task Management Software for Small Businesses

Looking for the best free task management software for your small business?

Well, worry no more.

This is where a project management tool and task management solution like Orrderly can help.

Whether you’re an overwhelmed freelancer or a busy solopreneur juggling many tasks, this project management software will help you stay organized and on top of things.

In this article, we’ll illustrate the reasons why Orrderly is the best task management tools you can use for free to organize your task lists and projects with ease.

1. It’s a Simple Online Task Management Software With Multiple Features in Its Free Plan

Looking for a free task manager to help you with multiple tasks can be a daunting job.

You have to go through numerous task management apps, only to find reasons why they could not be the best task management software for you and your small team.

The good thing about Orrderly is that there it isn’t complicated to use, so the learning curve is not a problem.

It also doesn’t have too many functions, which means that users can easily know how to maximize the features of the easy-to-use task management app.

Below, we’ll discuss the main management features that make Orrderly’s free task management tool the best choice for your simple task management requirements.

1. Creating and adding tasks

Being a small business owner and project manager of your team can be intimidating.

That’s why Orrderly is a great task management software tool for you.

One of its standout task management features is its ability to easily add tasks, manage task dependencies, and create recurring tasks.

Also, its free version offers easy accessibility for anyone in the team.

2. Commenting on tasks

Despite its simplicity—maybe especially because of it—Orrderly’s task and project management software is powerful in helping improve your team’s productivity.

Its task management system adopts a commenting feature that helps streamline your project and task management needs and improve your team’s productivity.

With this collaboration tool, you can now easily add comments to any project or task and allow team members to track task progress, communicate about specific challenges, and even provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

3. Setting deadlines and reminders

Setting deadlines and reminders can help you stay organized and ensure that you stay on track with your projects and tasks.

Fortunately, Orrderly lets you do exactly that with its task tracking software.

Not only does it let you set deadlines and reminders on its project management platform, but you can also use its task management software to help you  break down larger projects into smaller, manageable tasks with their own deadlines and priorities.

4. Assigning tasks to team members

Managing big projects and assigning them to members is a crucial part of running a small business’ operations.

This is why I can definitely say  that Orrderly is the right task management software for small teams.

You can use its task management software to assign tasks or projects to specific team members, making it easier to manage workload and improve productivity.

With all the tools you need to manage your business, Orrderly is truly an exception for the fact that you can use its simple task management software for free.

5. Dark theme

Having a dark theme is not usually a requirement to be considered one of the best task management software tools.

However, many users do prefer that their online task management tool has a dark mode to increase their productivity.

This is specifically true for users with stronger visual disorders, as it can reduce eye strain and make it easier for them to focus on their work.

And the fact that Orrderly understands this need and offers a dark theme (even when its free plan is limited) truly appeals to me as a user.

6. Creating tags

Another reason that makes Orrderly an amazing task manager for small business owners is that its free plan offers you the ability to categorize your tasks together by putting labels as you see fit.

This way, you can improve your team’s productivity and workflow with effective task management.

7. Sharing files

File sharing features in task management platforms play a crucial role in enhancing your team members’ collaboration and productivity as you work together.

With Orrderly, for example, the task management tool allows users to upload and store project-related files in a centralized location within the project and task management software.

This ensures that you and your team members can easily access and retrieve necessary documents whenever you need them, eliminating the hassle of searching through emails or local drives.

This also lets you engage in discussions related to specific documents, thus promoting effective communication and better decision-making.

8. Calendar sync

Calendar synchronization is a valuable feature in project management tools that provides several benefits to its users.

From real-time updates to improved meeting and event coordination, Orrderly is one of the best task management software available to this end.

With this feature available even for free for individuals and teams, you can easily integrate your tasks and deadlines into your existing calendar applications and stay up-to-date on your tasks without having to constantly switch between different task management software solutions.

9. User-friendly interface

Priority number one when selecting a resource management tool for small business owners is an intuitive interface.

After all, what use is a cloud-based app that is difficult to use?

Orrderly is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that enables small businesses to get their project management needs up and running rapidly.

2. It’s a Free Task Manager That Helps You Increase Your Focus and Productivity

Because Orrderly makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress and arrange tasks according to their order of importance, you and your team can stay focused more easily and get things done.

This also ensures that everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it.

This lowers the chance of feeling overwhelmed from work and missing dates and makes your business processes run more smoothly.

3. It’s a Free Task Management Software That Lets You Work Better Together

One of the reasons why you can’t miss out on Orrderly when choosing the best features to manage task dependencies and collaboration is that its simplicity allows teams to work better together.

While it doesn’t come with advanced task management capabilities, the platform does make it easy for members to assign tasks, share files, and discuss task progress to each other.

4. You Can Use the Task Management Tool at an Affordable Price

Choosing the right task management app can be expensive since it means having the perfect tools to manage tasks.

Fortunately, Orrderly is an affordable task management software that offers a completely free version, making it an excellent option for small businesses with limited budgets.

Its free plan includes all the essential features needed for effective task management, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of even small sizes.

5. The Software Can Be Used to Improve Organization and Prioritization

As a business grows and expands, it becomes more and more important to organize and set priorities in a way that works for you and your team.

Otherwise, it could fall behind its competitors and fail.

This is where Orrderly comes in.

It is a powerful visual task management app that helps businesses get more organized and figure out what jobs are most important so they can plan and set priorities ahead of time.

This way, you can optimize your resources and achieve your objectives more effectively.

6. It’s Effective in Managing Small Teams

Managing teams and projects can be difficult, particularly in the increasingly complex business environment of today.

For this reason, Orrderly’s team communication tools can be a godsend.

By allowing small businesses to manage their collaboration more effectively, Orrderly can assist them in staying ahead of their competition and achieving their objectives more swiftly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts About Using Orrderly for Small Entrepreneurs

Orrderly is the ultimate time-saving tool that helps busy professionals and small business owners stay organized, streamline collaboration with their employees, and maximize their productivity.

It comes with a lot of features that give small businesses the competitive advantage they need.

So if you’re a small business proprietor or entrepreneur seeking to boost your productivity and streamline your operations, why not sign up for its free plan today?

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