Amie Review: Is it a Joyful Productivity App in 2023?

We’ve all used apps to organize our personal information and create task lists, reminders, and events, among other things. 

Recent research shows that productivity apps can increase your work efficiency by more than 34%. Productivity apps help you see how much you work when you work and what you spend your time working on.  

Now comes, a startup that has designed a fun and productive app based on a multi-featured calendar concept. Amie is suitable for both professional and personal use. This app was created by Dennis Muller. Let’s go ahead and review – the upcoming joyful productivity app.

What is Amie? is a productivity app that merges a person’s calendar and to-do list into one app. It is created on the basis that provides to-dos, habits, and events all in one place. 

Amie is more than just a calendar app; it’s also an organizational tool that lets you keep track of to-do lists, scheduling links, and CRM. As a result, multiple apps for various functions are no longer necessary.

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How do the Features of solve the problem of Productivity? has some unique features that the founder wanted to create to mark it a little different from other prevalent productivity apps in the market. He wanted to design a calendar that mixes personal and professional productivity. 

Let’s take a look at how features of Amie solve the problem of productivity:

Social Tool

You can create your own team members with Amie, and each person will have their own app and profile. You can see your team members’ avatars on the left side column. This tool allows you to see their availability by looking at the tasks that have been assigned to them on their calendars. 

These profiles provide a wealth of information about a coworker, such as the individual’s current work activity, your most recent interaction with the person, a birthday reminder, the current song playing on the user’s Spotify account, your Twitter profile, and your own remarks about that person. 

Recurring reminders can also be set. It’s a small function that could help you communicate with individuals more frequently.

Most calendar apps that are common are majorly focused on single-person use. aimed to combine personal calendars to form a network effect. 


Amie stands out from other calendar programs like Google Calendar for various reasons. 

You can see all of the days of the week with their corresponding events in amie’s integrated calendar, click on them to see more details, and simply navigate from one week to the next. 

You’ll notice a feature to-do list in the sidebar column that you can drag and drop into the calendar to assign a date and time too.


Scheduling links is one of Amy’s four products. This feature allows you and your team to communicate their availability by selecting available slots on the calendar, scheduling events, and sharing links. When a meeting with a video call is planned, you can easily join the session using a keyboard shortcut.

Pros of using

Like all productivity apps and software, has its own unique selling points that stand out. Let’s read about the advantages of using Amie software.

Good for transparent culture

Amie’s interface is built like an activity feed. It’s an app that allows transparent and shared communication for all teammates. It’s full of information, which might be especially beneficial for organizations that value transparency.

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Sharing everything about work & social

Everyone has their own profile page in your organization when using Amie. You can see what your workmate is doing right now, and accordingly, you could send notifications of your meet-up plans. 

On, with personal profiles, you can see when your last interaction with your workmates, birthday reminders, their social profiles, the current song they’re playing from Spotify, and any personal notes you’ve made on them. 

These simple features could help you communicate more easily with your team. 

Aesthetically beautiful

Amie is meticulously crafted. You may also colour your calendar to organize items according to your preferences. This will make your calendar more vibrant and less dull.

Image: Activity feed-like view of Source:

Cons of using

While Amie has many benefits as a productivity app, it is not exactly what every team would need. Here are some factors that may waver the voice of selecting Amie software. 

Micromanagement ruins employee culture

​​Employee culture is critical to any company’s performance and growth. A positive work environment will keep employees engaged, pleased, and creative. 

The Amie software being too accessible might lead to micromanagement and a stifling work environment. Managers may become too focused on employees’ personal space and cause workflow disruption.

Personal mixed with professional – not everyone is comfortable

A fine line must be drawn between personal and professional life to maintain a work-life balance. Not every employee is comfortable with sharing their personal events, activities, e.t.c with everyone in their working team. 

Big learning curve (not very simple)

Amie is elegantly designed; however it is not intuitive to operate and requires considerable training before use. This requires special time and training to be provided to employees to understand the use of software and to calibrate it according to the requirement of each organization.

Alternative to Amie: Orrderly

Orderly is a task management tool with a simple and precise user interface that can help you stay organized and increase your productivity. It’s a method for recognizing, tracking, and managing the work that you and your team do. Its free versions provide certain useful features, such as

  • Super Simple UI
  • List & Board View
  • Assign Tasks
Image: Clear and simple user interface of Orrderly. Source:

Its program will help you manage your “daily tasks” to be more productive. The software is a simple task manager and a to-do list that assists you in getting things done in an organized manner.

They can deal with due dates, reminders, dependencies, conversations, priorities, task descriptions, documentation, task statuses, and assignments, among other things. They handle various levels of action and provide full workflow management.

Furthermore, because you can organize your tasks in dedicated environments and complete them on time, they provide context to your tasks.

Using this app, creating and memorizing lists is now a piece of cake, as is setting deadlines for completing them—and reminders to make sure you don’t forget. It shows you which things you need to do at a specific time of day to complete each of your activities efficiently and on schedule.

Add New Tasks and Recurring Task

Adding a new task is the most essential activity in a task manager app, so it should be quite visible to users. After selecting the “Enter New Task” option, you’ll be sent to the screen shown above, where you may add comments about the item, specify a due date, set reminders, and finally add the task to your list.

Easy to Mark as Completed

Swiping is a frequent motion these days; everyone is aware of it, making our tasks easier to complete. I also decided to experiment with this feature, which allows me to check off completed tasks and alter any task.

If a user hits edit by swiping any task, he or she will be taken to the edit screen, where they may make changes to the task, such as adding comments, setting due dates, creating reminders, and categorizing any task into their preferred category. They can form a new category if the one in which they want to add their task is not available. 


Here on screen, the user can also assign a task priority. A user should assign priority to more than one task, such as priority 1 to the most critical work and priority 2 to the next most important activity. You may also adjust how often each recurring task appears by changing the time interval between them.


It is a very crucial feature in today’s apps. It is also a very important activity in our instance so that we may alert our users about ongoing and upcoming work.

Assign Tasks to Team Members

It’s easy for your team to consolidate knowledge and work on things together because each assignment has its location. Nobody will be left out of the loop because every assignee has access to this task space.


Tags are used to label tasks, and Orrderly allows you to apply tags to your chores to keep you on track.


Rather than adapt to a tool’s interface, let the management tool adapt to you!. Orrderly provides you with multiple views to manage tasks the way you want.

  • All of your tasks are on a Kanban board with a board view.
  • View your tasks in a GTD-style list app with a list view.
  • Quickly manage your task schedules with the calendar view.

Why go for Orrderly App

It’s simple to understand where everyone is in the project and how you and your team are getting closer to your objectives. You can see the project from a variety of perspectives.

This application connects to several programs, including Google Calendar, Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, Bugsnag, and others.

If you need assistance, Orrderly provides speedy chat and email response times.

It can be used by both novice and experienced project managers. It may be used by both code and non-code teams and allows for cross-departmental cooperation.

It can be applied to an unlimited variety of variations. Not only for advertising campaigns and application development but also for individual interests and educational assignments, you can use it effectively.

Orderly provides a free plan with a restricted number of tasks. Subscribing to Orrderly Premium for $4/member/month gives you access to an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks.


As seen from the above review, it is a ​​productivity software app that combines personal calendars and forms a network for the team.

Since several people currently use to-do lists, provides the quickest digital method to create to-do lists, plan events, check your calendar, and even join Zoom calls. Good productivity software like an activity feed is great for transparent work cultures. 

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